Special Event

Crowdfunding for “De Vrouw Dina”

Because of the Pandemic in 2020 the whole Dutch traditional sailing fleet hasn’t sailed for a year. This is also true for our “De Vrouw Dina” . This beautiful sailing vessel build in 1897 is in danger of existence and could even end up being shredded. The Dutch government has not realized their promised millions of support. An unknown truth is that “De Vrouw Dina”  is part of the only historic sailing fleet in the world operating without government subsidies or protection.

In reality it has been especially difficult to make ends meet as the government strictly forbids any group activities on board during the Pandemic.  As a result there is no cashflow and it is impossible to keep up with expenses of maintenance.  If this situation continues,  “De Vrouw Dina”  will disappear from the face of the earth.

Help keep us afloat! The foundation BETS is committed to do just that. We are asking fans, enthusiast and actually anybody who cares for this historic and extraordinary sailing vessel “De Vrouw Dina”  for a donation or to purchase a bond.


Funds can be transferred to the bank account of the foundation “stichting BETS” with BIC: RABONL2U, IBAN: NL 70 RABO 0118685570 specifying “Donation” or “Bond”. Any amount of €50 or more will be rewarded with a certificate. We would like to send you this PDF document via E-mail.

As of 1 February 2023, the foundation stopped issuing new bonds. The obligations associated with the bonds issued are of course fulfilled, interest payment takes place at the end of the year and the cancellation of the bonds starts in 2024.


  1. Bonds are issued in values of €50 or €100. The total of all bonds issued will have a maximum of €50.000.
  2. Bonds shall be registered in the name of a person or entity.
  3. Bonds can only be sold on if the foundation “stichting BETS” is informed of the details.
  4. The maturity of the bonds shall be between 42 months and 84 months.
  5. The annual interest rate is 2% and will be granted each calendar year.
  6. Starting on the 1st of July 2024 we will monthly repay outstanding issued bonds up to €1.000 per month.
  7. If the financial situation allows it the foundation can decide to repay more bonds.

Don’t forget to send your email address and the way you would like to be listed to us info@stichtingbets.nl, thank you.

If you read all the above we thank you for your patience. When you decide to buy a bond it would very much appreciated. However if you decide to donate we wil be forever gratefull to you.